Two Iowa State University students are charged in a series of on-campus and Ames-area burglaries and thefts dating back months. Authorities have arrested 21-year-old Brandon Vong and 19-year-old Lynuel Lee, both of Ames. I-S-U police Captain Gene Deisinger says the two face a total of two-dozen charges.Vong faces 22 charges while Lee faces two. Both suspects were arrested Thursday night, without incident. Captain Deisinger says they seized a large quantity of items that were believed to have been stolen from Vong’s home. Officers recovered property valued in excess of 25-thousand dollars, including: computers, printers, multimedia projectors, other electronic components, construction tools, and food items. Deisinger says the arrests wrap up a batch of open cases. At least 12 theft and burglary cases are closed with the arrest, dating back to March of 2003. Both suspects are in the Story County Jail. Vong is being held on a total bond of 110-thousand dollars while Lee is held on a 15-thousand dollar bond.