The jackpot for tonight’s Powerball drawing is 116-million dollars and is a milestone of sorts for the lottery according to spokesman Joe Hrdlicka. For the fourth time this year, there’s a jackpot run of 100-million dollars or more, and Hrdlicka says that is “unprecedented” in Powerball history. Hrdlicka says ticket sales increase when the jackpot climbs past the 100-million dollar threshhold. Hrdlicka says 100-million is a “meaningful benchmark” for players, and there’s been a big increase in sales this week compared to last week. As many as 700 Powerball tickets are being purchased per minute for tonight’s drawing. The Powerball game rules have changed a couple of times over the years, making the odds of winning decrease but increasing the jackpots. Hrdlicka says both changes were made to both accommodate bigger populations of players when more states entered the game and to boost the jackpots.