Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards says President Bush has created an “era of anxiety” that is destroying the middle class. Edwards says the American Dream of being able to build something better is being replaced by the hope of just getting by. He says if the current trend continues, one out of seven middle class families with children will go bankrupt by the end of this decade. Edwards says that means the middle class is sinking. Edwards says in George Bush’s two Americas, workers don’t matter; owners matter. Edwards says after four years of Bush, those who own the most get the most, and those who work the hardest get less and less. Edwards says his first goal as President would be to create five MILLION new jobs in his first two years in office. He’d also provide a tax credit to those who buy their first home. Edwards says he’ll end tax breaks for American companies that move jobs overseas and there’ll be no more tax breaks for C-E-Os that give themselves “top hat pensions.” Edwards made his comments during a mid-day speech in Des Moines.