Among all of the big broadcast networks in Iowa to cover this weekend’s Democratic Presidential Debate, there’ll also be a crew from a fledgling Internet-based TV network that caters to small businesses. Susan Wilson Solovic is C-E-O of “S-B-T-V-dot-com” and she’ll try to talk with all nine candidates seeking their party’s nomination.Solovic says the goal is to discuss with each candidate his or her small business platform. She says no one is carrying that message to the small business owner even though small businesses make up 99-percent of all businesses in the U.S. In Iowa, 98-percent of all businesses are considered small businesses — that’s about 210-thousand businesses. Solovic says government regulations often have a more severe impact on small businesses than they do on larger ones. Solovic calls herself a business consultant, columnist and attorney. She says Small Business Television is the first all digital network dedicated to streaming original programming for and about small business and entrepreneurship, found at “”.The Sunday debate will be carried on many Radio Iowa stations, beginning at 2 P.M.