An Alaskan-owned company has purchased 51-percent interest in a Mount Pleasant plastics molding facility. The Sealaska company purchased Nypro Iowa, a move that Nypro president Sam Landol says should give them a boost.He says they think it’s positive news as sales have been stagnant. He says they’ve gotten indications that the new relationship will take sales to new levels. The two companies will produce plastic molding for cell phone, computer and auto companies. He says they’ll keep the management in place and manage it as if it were a Nypro Company. He says the move allows the Sealaska to diversify and grow within the U.S. Sealaska has over 16-thousand native Alaskan stockholders. Dan Butcher is the plant manage in Mt. Pleasant.He says they’re all very excited as this is a great opportunity for the company. He says business has been stagnant for the last three or four years, and they see this as an opportunity to expand the business and workforce. Nypro opened its Mt. Pleasant plant in 1989.