Iowa’s Republican Senator, Charles Grassley, does not support the main part of President Bush’s proposal to offer legal status to illegal immigrants working in the U.S.Grassley says the President is moving forward in an area which needs changes, but Grassley says he’s moving “in the wrong way.” Grassley says it’s perfectly legitimate to give American businesses the ability to hire skilled workers from other countries if they can’t find enough workers with those skills here, which is part of Bush’s proposal. But Grassley says the President is wrong to allow people who have already broken immigration laws to get here to simply register and gain legal status.Grassley says “we want people coming to America who have respect for our laws, ’cause we are a government of law, and without abidance by the law, we obviously have chaos.” Grassley says in the 1950s and ’60s, employers applied to the government and asked for permission to import workers. Bush, however, hopes Congress extends a three-year, renewable “guest visa” to help fill low wage jobs and treat immigrant workers with “compassion.”