Iowa’s newest city has a new title. Maharishi Vedic City has been named Iowa’s “American Dream Town” as part of an effort to identify the most ideal small town in every state in the nation. Located just north of Fairfield in southeast Iowa’s Jefferson County, Mayor Bob Wynne (win) says Maharishi Vedic City has much to offer as he says “The city is very progressive…safe…healthy. The residents are very happy. We have very, very little crime, if any.” Three cities were chosen from each state and then voted upon via the Internet. Storm Lake got eight votes, Decorah received 24 and Maharishi Vedic City got more than 21-hundred votes, the fifth highest total in the nation. The town was incorporated in July of 2001. Wynne says his community is likely one of the healthiest in America, and he explains why. All of the land in town is considered organic and only organic food can be sold within the city limits. An organic greenhouse project is underway that will be able to produce organic vegetables for residents year round. Every home and office building in town faces east and has a silent center space which Wynne says helps promote health, happiness and good fortune. He says the community strives to become a “lighthouse of peace” for America and the world. He says technologies like transcendental meditation have been shown to neutralize stress in the environment so the city is very focused on developing those technologies that can produce peace locally, regionally and globally. For more information on the contest, surf to “” or on the town, go to “”.