The expansion projects of two businesses in central and southwest Iowa are getting a boost from state funds. Tina Hoffman with the Iowa Department of Economic Development says the D-E-D board is giving Burke Marketing in Nevada a 200-thousand dollar grant. She says they’re going to upgrade their processing equipment that’s used to make cooked meat ingredients for restaurants and food service operations. Hoffman says the Iowa grant is a small portion of the expansion. She says the company is spending 16 million dollars to expand, and will create 16 new jobs will maintaining 73 jobs. The other state help is in the form of a one-and-a-half million-dollar Iowa Values Fund award to the Omaha Standard company in Council Bluffs. The company has a 17-point-four-million dollar plan to consolidate their operations and upgrade the equipment they’re using. The company makes truck bodies and hydraulic lift equipment. Hoffman says Omaha Standard says they’ll create 108 new jobs average around 21 dollars-an-hour and will retain 182 jobs. She says the values fund was created to bring in high-skilled, high-paying jobs, and this is an example. Omaha Standard has been in Council Bluffs for 75 years, while Burke Corporation was started in 1967.