This past week was “Get Smart About Insurance Week” nationwide. Tom Alger, a spokesman for the Iowa Insurance Division, says the goal is to educate people.He says they want to educate about what your’re purchasing, and what your options are regarding insurance and costs. Alger says the Iowa division has a website available to answer questions.He says you can find out about your agent, companies, you can ask questions or register a complaint when something isn’t going right. The website is, or you can call the toll-free number 877-955-1212. Alger says one of the biggest things they stress is shopping around for insurance.He says the industry is competitive, so it may mean you’re able to get the same coverage at a better price. He says you should schedule an annual visit with your insurance agent to talk over your coverage. Alger says a national study shows only about 34-percent of people say they understand the details of their insurance coverage.