The Iowa Lottery has seen its profits increase in the last year, but changes in the state’s gambling industry could make holding onto the increases tough. The Iowa Legislature is expected to discuss the expansion of casino gambling, and Lotter spokesperson Mary Neubauer says that could impact their business.She says anything that competes for discretionary income and the entertainment dollar would be affected by an expansion of gambling licenses. The residents of the four counties that have passed gambling referendums won’t be the only ones interested in the gambling debate.She says the lottery is watching the debate and will be involved along with the casinos, as she says there’s only so much discretionary income to go around. Neubauer says there are too many unanswered questions to get any handle on the potential impact to the lottery.She says the effect remains to be seen. The State Racing and Gaming Commission asked the legislature to give it direction before they would lift their moratorium on new gambling licenses.