Governor Tom Vilsack is flying to St. Louis today to publicly endorse John Kerry’s presidential bid. Vilsack’s wife endorsed Kerry the week before Iowa’s Caucuses. Last night, at 5:30, a reporter asked Vilsack if he, too, would endorse a candidate in the race. As Vilsack walked away, Vilsack told the five reporters in the room he’d let us know when he made his decision. Well, he didn’t. After the New Hampshire results were in last night, and it was clear Kerry had won, Vilsack told a Des Moines Register reporter he’s backing Kerry now. Vilsack’s endorsement at this point probably doesn’t mean much. The state’s Caucuses are over, and Senator Tom Harkin’s endorsement of Howard Dean the week before the Caucuses shows endorsements, by themselves, may yield more news stories than votes.