If you’re throwing a Superbowl bash this weekend — remember you can be held liable if any of your friends get drunk and cause a wreck after leaving your home. Jeanne Salvatore is spokeswoman for the Insurance Information Institute. Iowa is among those 30 states that would hold the host responsible for the guests after they leave the party. Even if it weren’t the law, Salvatore says party hosts -should- be concerned about their guests. Some neighboring states, like Nebraska, don’t have such laws. She says that doesn’t mean that you can’t be sued, but there should also be a moral obligation to make sure our friends are in a condition to drive safely before we send them off. Salvatore says Superbowl Sunday is traditionally a very deadly day for driving. Nearly 60-percent of traffic deaths on that day involve alcohol, compared to 40-percent during virtually all other days. Salvatore says party hosts need to drink responsibly themselves to set a good example and so your judgment isn’t impaired about letting others leave who perhaps shouldn’t be driving. She also says a responsible host will take charge of the alcohol.She also suggests providing plenty of nonalcoholic beverages and food. Don’t pressure guests to drink or rush to refill glasses. Stop serving alcohol at least an hour before the party’s over. Offer guests who are too drunk or too tired to drive a place to sleep it off or call them a cab.