The Science Center of Iowa is opening a new exhibit today that aims to shed a little light on the subject of darkness. Center spokeswoman Sally Dix says the interactive display called “In the Dark” illuminates many mysterious places on our planet. Dix says the exhibit explores various ecosystems from the ocean floor to the Sonoran desert. She says science center adventurers can learn how snakes use their heat-sensing ability to catch prey or respond to a firefly’s flashing signals in the section called “Darkness of Night.” Kids can act like bats and throw out sonar signals, seeing how a bat finds its food in the dark. Another segment allows kids to take a closer look at the hidden world beneath their feet. There’s a cross section of a back yard where kids can learn what’s happening below the ground in a back yard. This is the second new exhibit to open at the Des Moines center in the past month, encompassing ten-thousand square feet of space. For more information, visit the Science Center of Iowa website at “”.