The Iowa Court of Appeals has overturned the child endangerment conviction of a Scott County woman. A jury found Tiffany Smith guilty of child endangerment that resulted in serious injury as well as neglect and she was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Back in September of 2001, Smith’s ten-month-old child apparently drank rubbing alcohol and had to be in the hospital for days but she says she was in the parking lot and her husband was in the family’s apartment when the child drank the rubbing alcohol. State social workers had visited the Smith’s apartment several times in the days prior to the incident, and one even helped Tiffany clean up the place and do laundry. The Court of Appeals ruled that the evidence was “insufficient” to indicate Tiffany was aware that her son would be exposed to a hazard or danger. Tiffany’s husband, Mike, was charged and found guilty of the same crimes. He’s filed a separate appeal.