This season of love can be pretty annoying for single folks. One relationships expert says people who are unattached during this time of valentines should, in her words, “revel in their singledom.” Roberta Davilla, a communication studies professor at the University of Northern Iowa, says singles who feel bad about their relationship status need to take a step back and reflect on their many blessings. Davilla says even though the world is “relationally driven,” a single person has much to offer. She says American life is full of stereotypes and “life scripts” we’re expected to follow, like getting married and having kids. Davilla, who’s single, says many people gravitate toward relationships rather than separations, but it’s not for everyone.She says single, divorced or widowed people may think of themselves as a failure but that’s not the case. Focus instead, Davilla says, on relationships you have had and on the lessons in life you’ve learned from them. As for Valentine’s Day, she say do -not- sit at home and feel sorry for yourself. Throw a party, go out with other singles or just do something that makes you feel good about yourself. If no one in your life is going to buy you flowers, buy them for yourself, buy yourself chocolate or whatever. She says “Do some self-reflection and see what’s good about your life.”