A bill unveiled Thursday to revamp state gambling law includes a provision that would send some of the state’s gambling profits to charitable organizations in counties without casinos. Representative Rod Roberts, a republican from Carroll, help develop the bill. He says a wide variety of charitable organizations apply for the money the casinos give out — and many were frustrated. He says the groups would go through the process of applying for a grant on a competition basis, and it has turned out that many of the dollars go to charities in areas close to the casinos. Robert says the proposal in the gambling bill would ease some of those frustrations. He says it’s an attempt to provide charitable dollars on a more general statewide basis, although he says they recognize that not all 99 counties will have a charitable foundation. Representative Scott Raecker, a republican from Urbdandale, says the proposal would have another benefit beyond spreading the gambling wealth.He says it would help legislation passed last year that encourages community foundations. He says the gambling money would serve as a start for overall expanded charity.He says if they knew they could get matching dollars to create a foundation, and an annual receipt of gaming proceeds, it would be incentive to create the foundation. Raecker says there would be around five-million dollars to distribute to the non-casino counties if the provision is approved.