Homeopaths and “natural healers” who use “non-traditional” methods like herbal supplements as remedies for medical maladies were at the statehouse this week, lobbying for a bill that would protect them from prosecution. Iowa Health Freedom Coalition president Larry Hanus of Waterloo says the people of Iowa should be able to choose the type of health care they wish, and should be able to use “natural” remedies that have been used for hundreds and thousands of years. Some say Iowa law is written so broadly that a clerk in a health food store could be prosecuted for practicing medicine if they offer a vitamin supplement as a means of combating an ailment. Hanus says the bill they seek would allow for prosecution of those who knowingly and willingly cause bodily harm or death. Hanus says it’s a “freedom of choice” issue. Hanus says 97 percent of all people who use “alternative health care” are also seeking care from a physician. The bill is opposed by the Iowa Medical Society, which represents Iowa physicians, as well as others in the “traditional” medical community.