Iowans who consider themselves disabled have a new online outlet. A project called Iowans with Disabilities in Action, or I.D. Action, is reaching out to the estimated 460,000 Iowans with various disabilities. Project manager Rik Shannon says a recent online survey quizzed Iowa members about what issues are most important to them. Shannon says 62-percent selected health care as their “overarching” issue, followed closely by education at 46-percent. It also found 77-percent of respondants had planned to take part in last month’s political caucuses. He says the top concern among Iowa’s disabled who completed the survey was proposed changes in the federal Medicare program. At the state level, the top concern is the tight state budget and how the state’s Medicare program may be impacted by a lack of revenue. Shannon says the on-going poll aims to mobilize and give a voice to Iowans with disabilities and a new poll will be done this week. He says there’s no specific definition of “disabled” they’re using to determine who can take the poll. While it’s believed 460,000 Iowans are disabled, Shannon says about 416,000 are at least 18 years old — or of voting age. Shannon says I.D. Action provides tools and support to help people with disabilities assert their political rights. He says it encourages activities like registering to vote, writing to a legislator, speaking to policy makers or even running for office. The I.D. Action poll is available through the website “”.