The democratic presidential candidate who stumbled in Iowa despite his 40-million dollar campaign fund is reportedly dropping out of the race today. Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean was an unknown when he started coming to Iowa in 2002, then in the summer of 2003 his Internet-driven campaign — spurred by his opposition to the war in Iraq — drove him to the top of public opinion polls here and elsewhere. Last September, Dean declared that his goal was to win Iowa. But his star started to fall in December and Dean wound up finishing third in the Iowa Caucuses. His Caucus night “I have a scream speech” reverberated through the media, and he’s never won any of the state primary or caucuses that’ve been held. He finished third last night in Wisconsin. Dean staffers have told reporters Dean will remain involved in politics, staying in touch with all those Internet supporters to launch a new group to try to change the course of the democratic party.