One of the stars of the cable TV program “Trading Spaces” is in Des Moines today (through Saturday) to offer Iowans tips about sprucing up their homes. In an interview with Radio Iowa’s Matt Kelley, 32-year-old interior designer Laurie Smith says a room can be transformed without spending a dime. She says start by bringing in some friends and family and shake things up. “Commit to emptying every piece of furniture out of that room, and just slowly piece by piece put it back in a different place.” Smith says, “Force yourself to change your perspective. You’d be amazed what rotating a sofa…can do to your life.” She says it’s not always needed but nothing can be more dramatic than a coat of paint. Different fabrics can freshen up a room too, like a new slip cover, throw pillows or a new area rug. Smith adds, another element is key to showcasing a room. Smith says lighting is crucial to a space. “You can have the most beautiful wall color, the most exquisite fabrics and if it’s not well lit, no one’s going to be able to enjoy it.” She says incandescent, or lamp-lighting, sets a wonderful mood and at all costs, avoid flourescents. Smith is making appearances at the Home and Garden Show at Des Moines’ Veterans Auditorium tonight at 6, tomorrow at 7 P.M. and Saturday at noon. [Photo: Matt Kelley talks with Trading Spaces’ Laurie Smith]