Former Iowa Falls standout Nick Collison returned to his school Thursday for a ceremony at the high school to retire his uniform. A crowd of students and teachers looked on as his Cadet jersey and shorts were presented to be hung in the gym. The basketball star was glad to be back in his hometown to see some people he hasn’t seen in awhile.The former all-American and national college player of the year at Kansas was taken by Seattle in the N-B-A draft this past spring, but had to have surgery to his shoulders — ending his season. He says the rehab effort is going well. He says it’s been four months since his left shoulder was done, so it’s getting better. He says he just had the right shoulder fixed, and it was done with a scope, so he should be ready to go by summer. While the rehab keeps him busy, he says it’s not easy sitting out this season.He says it’s frustrating and he’s bored all the time and wanting to play. He says he’s had a good attitude and knows in the big picture it was better to get the surgery done. He says it’s hard to get too down when you get to play basketball for your job. Collison says he does get to do some things with the team.He says he rehabs as much as he can, and then is with the team at all home game and practices and even travels with the team for a few games. Collison says it’s a good team to be with and he looks forward to getting back onto the floor next season.