Iowans have the opportunity to learn about and see our national symbol this weekend. Several Iowa parks and lakes are holding bald eagle viewing events. Emily Crane is a park ranger at Saylorville Lake, north of Des Moines, which is hosting a driving tour tomorrow (Sunday) around the lake and around the region to see the big birds. In Audubon, there’s a program on how to attract birds to the back yard, there’ll be a captive bald eagle at Jester Park, Pella and Lake Red Rock will host eagle-viewing as well. Other stops feature hot chocolate and camp fires, crafts and lectures about eagles. Crane says she’s already seen quite a few of the large winged creatures buzzing the Saylorville area.For people, especially kids, who haven’t seen bald eagles in flight, Crane says this is a terrific chance to view them and get a thrill. She says you don’t realize how large and majestic they are until you see them.Programs for the driving tour run from noon to 4 tomorrow (Sunday). For more information, call (515) 276-4656.