The mayor of Scarville in far northern Iowa has resigned to go on federal active duty with the 135th Infantry of the Minnesota National Guard. Thirty-five-year-old Randy Neumann has been in the military for 18 years, and this isn’t his first call up.He was in Saudi Arabia in 2001 and recently got the call that he’d be going back on active duty in the upcoming weeks. Neumann resigned from the city council when he left in 2001 and then was elected mayor when he came back. He leaves behind a big city project. A sewer and water project has been underway in Scarville for the past two years and he’ll leave that to the new mayor and city council. He says they put in a new park three years ago. Neumann also will miss the delivery of a new fire truck he’d worked to get. His wife, Kris, talks about what it means to her.She says there’s a lot of thoughts in her head. At first, she didn’t want him to go, but realizes he’s in the military, and though it will be tough, she supports him. Kris Neumann will have to take care of their kids on her own. She has a 23-month and a six-month old at home, and Randy also has an 11-year-old son. She says he’ll miss a lot of change in the kids while he’s gone, but she says they’ll just hope he comes home safely. Neumann will be gone for a year.