The old saying “In like a lion, out like a lamb” may not be totally accurate in judging the weather patterns in March — but State Climatologist Harry Hillaker says it’s certain we’ll see a variety of conditions.He says the first part of March is typically more winter-like, but he says right now we aren’t looking at anything “fabulously” cold as we start the month. Hillaker says the last days often are more like the gentle lamb. He says most Marches are more mild at the end of the month, although he says we do occasionally get some severe weather at the end of March in the form of thunderstorms. Hillaker says the old saying probably comes from the big extremes in March weather.He says it’s about 15 degrees warmer by the end of March, so it is a month of strong contrasts. Monday started the month on a lamb-like note, and Hillaker doesn’t see any big chance right away.He says it doesn’t look like there’s anything horrendous as far as winter weather in the next few weeks, but he says you can’t count it out even into April.