The Iowa House has voted to let parents who home school their kids also teach them driver’s ed, though it’s created a stir among lawmakers who are also teachers. Representative Mary Mascher, an educator and a Democrat from Iowa City, strongly opposes the idea. Mascher says those parents don’t have the training or background of a certified teacher. She says as much as they love their children, being a good driver does not make them a good teacher.Mascher also objects to the bill because it only applies to parents who home school. She expects a lawsuit from parents with children in public schools who have to pay up to 300-dollars for driver’s ed classes for their kids. Supporters of the bill say parents who home school sometimes have difficulty getting their children enrolled in crowded classes at the high school. Representative Geri Huser, a Democrat from Altoona, says she’s seen home school programs first-hand and believes these parents will spend more time than most preparing their children for the road. She says they care about their kids just as every one of us does for their kids and says they’ll be sure their kids are prepared for the streets.Huser has confidence parents who home school their kids -would- be able to adequately train them to become good drivers. She says they’ll spend the time necessary to prepare children to go out on the streets. Huser says she doesn’t believe those parents won’t take the time.Home school parents who want to teach drivers’ ed would have to have a valid license and a clean driving record for the past two years. The bill also requires a minimum number of hours behind the wheel and in the home classroom. The measure passed the House by a vote of 62-to-31 and now goes to the Senate.