Teenagers representing more than 60 smoking-prevention groups from around the state came to the capital today. 18 year old Lindsey Anderson of Newton says one of their goals is to get lawmakers to raise the tax on cigarettes, in hopes the price will quench some young smokers.And, Anderson says the tax hike will raise money to help prevention programs like the one she’s a member of in Newton. Anderson says teenagers who become smokers typically start as young as the age of 12. She says it keeps going down, and points to a younger sister who steals their parents’s cigarettes, saying it’s “amazing” how early she started to try smoking. Her classmate, 18-year-old Heidi Rogers, says funding would help them visit other schools to talk about the bad effects of smoking.It helps to show them what happens to them, says Rogers, and depicting a lung full of tar and “Mister Gross-Mouth” makes the kids consider how disgusting it is.