A special exhibit set up at the statehouse today salutes National Agriculture Week. State Agriculture Secretary Patty Judge says it’s still a driving force in Iowa’s economy. Judge says the brand-new Iowa Innovation Center’s up and running and she wanted to alert lawmakers to take info on it home to their constituents. Judge calls the Innovation Center a “one-stop shop” for anyone adding value to agriculture, with help in making up feasibility studies, business plans, and details like business cards. Judge says the center’s already had more traffic in its first few weeks than she expected. The ag secretary is proud of the leading position farming holds in the state. She says it’s a little hard to figure because there’s so much processing business that some would consider ag business “and where you draw the lines,” but Judge says with 25-percent of the gross state product coming from farm production, we’re a top agriculture state. Judge says she supports the governor’s initiative on bio-tech and opportunities for the future. The ag secretary was dressed in bright green from head to toe for today’s noontime St. Pat’s parade in Des Moines.