As Severe Weather Awareness Week continues there’s always talk about deadly storms, but one of the biggest killers is not high winds and lightening, it’s flash flooding. National Weather Service meteorologist Jeff Johnson says flooding results in lives being lost and major property damage each year.He says flooding can occur within six hours of the rainfall when you get rapid rises in areas that aren’t normally wet. Johnson says if you if come upon water lying over the road, do not drive through it. Johnson says you can never tell what’s under floodwater.Johnson says it’s always tough to forecast when flooding or flash flooding will take place, but the weather patterns usually can give them a good idea of what might happen. He says they can predict the larger scale atmospheric conditions that might bring flooding, and then break that down into the warning. If flash flooding occurs, Johnson says you should evacuate low lying areas subject to flooding…and never let children play in or around high water, storm drains, or viaducts which may be flooded.