Iowa’s Governor has sent personal letters to the coaches of the Iowa State mens’ and womens’ basketball teams, congratulating Wayne Morgan and Bill Fennelly on their teams’ post-season successes.Governor Tom Vilsack says he’s “proud of the effort those young people displayed, particularly in the game last night” in the N-I-T final four overtime loss to Rutgers. Vilsack says the I-S-U men “never gave up.” Vilsack says when a national audience sees kids representing Iowa State and the State of Iowa “work hard, play hard and be very gracious in defeat, it sends a real strong message about the quality of education and the quality of people from this state.” Vilsack says the Iowa State men started the season “with some significant challenges and barriers” following the departure of former head coach Larry Eustachy after published photos showed Eustachy drinking with college coeds. Vilsack says “my hat’s off to ’em” for finishing with a 20-12 record.