While the state wants you to know what severe weather warnings mean, it’s also important to know where to go when a warning is issued. National Weather Service meteorologist Jeff Johnson says when tornado warning is issued — says the best thing to do in your house is put as much between you and the tornado as you can.He says you should be in the smallest room in the lowest grade level — with basement being the best. He says put as many walls between you as possible. He says mobile homes and cars offer no protection. Johnson says places like schools, hospitals, and other public places have well-marked plans when people need to take shelter from a tornado. He says schools do a very good job of holding drills for kids. He says finding the safest location is schools can be tough. Johnson says the worst place you can be during a tornado is outside. If you are caught outside and cannot get inside, Johnson says your options become limited very quickly. Johnson says make yourself a low target by lying on the ground, since the biggest thing will be dodging flying debris whipped up by the twister. Johnson encourages you to make sure that your family and co-workers are familiar with tornado safety precautions around your house and business.