More than 900-thousand Iowans have already filed their state tax returns, but another half-million still haven’t tackled the tax task. Renee Mulvey, spokeswoman for the Iowa Department of Revenue, says she isn’t surprised so many people are procrastinating.She says most people file their state taxes along with the federal returns, which are due on the 15th, while the state tax deadline is the 30th. Mulvey says a majority of Iowans will be getting money back from the state, yet they put off filing their returns as long as possible.Mulvey suggests people use their home computers to electronically file their returns or have their tax preparer e-file for them. Mulvey says e-filers often get their refund checks within a matter of days, while those who use paper returns may be waiting several weeks. She says the average state refund check so far this year is 457-dollars.