A proposed amendment to Iowa’s constitution that would give Iowa voters more say in tax policy may not pass the Iowa House this year. Here’s how the amendment would work: if the Legislature endorses a tax hike of more than 45 million, the increase wouldn’t go into effect unless Iowa voters approved in a referendum. House Speaker Christopher Rants, a republican from Sioux City, says there’s some resistance to the idea. Rants says passing a proposed constitutional amendment has always been a challenge in the House. Rants says people are for it for a lots of reasons and people are against it for a lot of reasons. Critics say voters elect lawmakers to make tax policy, and it would set the state on a course toward the kind of financial chaos referendums have created in California. Supporters say it’s a needed check on state government. Iowans for Tax Relief is running an ad campaign, urging Iowans to call their State Representative and tell ’em to vote for the amendment. The Iowa Senate has endorsed the concept. It must win House approval, too, as well as the backing of both the House and Senate again in the next two years before the issue would be placed before voters in November, 2006.