This is the final weekend for Iowans who are hoping to finish off their federal tax returns before Thursday’s deadline. I-R-S spokeswoman Donna Migazzi says plenty of Iowans are going to be spending a few hours today and tomorrow sifting through receipts, tax tables and 10-99s.The I-R-S is expecting one-point-three million returns total from Iowans and about 400-thousand Iowans have yet to turn in their returns. Migazzi has some advice for those procrastinators — e-file. Many other Iowans are making the jump to electronic filing and she says it offers a particular advantage now — speed.She says about 67-percent of returns filed by Iowans so far have been filed electronically, well ahead of last year’s total of 59-percent. Migazzi says e-filing offers a number of pluses. People who are expecting a refund check have to wait up to six weeks if they file paper returns, versus a wait of typically half that for e-filers. For those who choose direct deposit, it’s often less than two weeks’ wait. Migazzi says the I-R-S always sees more errors in returns that are done closer to the deadline. Typically, the error rate on an e-filed return is less than one-percent. That compares to an error rate of up to 20-percent on paper returns. Some 41-thousand Iowans are expected to request extensions this year.