The next 30 hours or so will be the most challenging of the year for hundreds of Iowans — those who are accountants. With the federal tax filing deadline tomorrow, West Des Moines C-P-A Jeff Strawhacker says his life will be extremely challenging until the wee hours of April 16th.It’s a hectic crunch for accountants every year, thanks in large part to procrastinating taxpayers. Some might draw a comparison to how new doctors are sometimes stuck on 24-hour hospital shifts, leaving them dulled and sleepy when they’re most needed. Instead, Strawhacker looks at April 15th as the Superbowl for C-P-As — the big event for which he’s long trained and fully prepared. Strawhacker says a pattern is emerging as he’s preparing central Iowans’ returns — refunds are a little smaller this time. He says the I-R-S adjusts withholding tables every year to account for inflation but this last year wasn’t typical. The I-R-S adjusted withholding levels twice in 2003, so withholding levels are down and many people are getting less money back than anticipated. Don’t look for him on Friday. He’s taking the day off.