Governor Tom Vilsack says his administration continues to talk with legislators about the budget as lawmakers try to wrap up the session. The democrat governor was asked about the focus of the discussions with the republicans who control the legislature. He says, “This is gonna shock you, it’s focusing on education, education spending.” Vilsack says there’s also a discussion on economic development.He says he’s talked with them about the “rebuild infrastructure” fund and Vilsack says if he were a betting man he’d say there’d be a slightly different funding plan than what the House has proposed. Vilsack says there are other things to tie up too. He says they’ll continue to talk about small issues, such as creating a Veteran’s Trust that would help get federal money for a veteran’s cemetery. The governor is a former legislator, and predicts one thing will help move them toward adjournment. He says his sense is that they’re not getting reimbursed for their per diem, which he says has a tendency to drive the work getting done. He says he’d be surprised if legislators didn’t finish the session the next day or two.