Iowans flying through Chicago’s O’Hare Airport may benefit from a new federal edict. The F-A-A yesterday ordered American Airlines and United to schedule fewer flights during peak travel times. That’s on top of a similar reduction the F-A-A ordered in January. Mark Ratner of Fairfield says he’s had as little as 20 minutes to make a connection in O’Hare.Ratner says he just flew from New York to O’Hare, where he missed his connecting flight and didn’t make it home ’til 11 o’clock at night. In January, the F-A-A ordered American and United to make a five percent cut in the number of flights they offer during peak travel times. Yesterday, another two-and-a-half percent reduction was ordered. Federal officials say problems at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport are to blame for 40 percent of the flight delays in the U.S. About 190-thousand people fly through O’Hare every day.