An elderly Iowa man declared a “psychopath” with an antisocial personality disorder will stay locked away. Norman Holby has a long list of sex offenses, dating all the way back to 1955. He once beat a woman who refused to have sex with him, stripped her clothes off and left the state in her car. And in prison, he fondled a female prison guard’s behind. Holby hired a doctor who testified at a hearing that Holby’s advanced age and his health reduced his risk of committing another sex crime if he were released. A jury, though, declared Holby a “sexually violent predator.” Under state law, someone who’s declared a sexual predator can be locked up, indefinitely. But Holby argued he shouldn’t be confined solely because he was diagnosed with an antisocial personality disorder. But the Court of Appeals pointed out that doctors also consider Holby a psychopath, which means he is “severely ill.”