High school basketball teams in Iowa will be required to wear white uniforms at home following action by the National Federation of State High School Associations. Roger Barr is coordinator of officials for the Iowa State High School Athletic Association and says in recent years schools have become more creative in designing their home uniforms. He says the rules did stipulate you could wear a white or light colored jersey. Barr says the rule change is designed to avoid the confusion that has been seen at the collegiate level. He says the problem came about in the Indiana/Illinois college game where Indiana wore red and Illinois wore orange. Barr say many schools with gold in their color scheme have been using that as the color of their home uniforms. He says a lot of teams also wear light silver too.Barr says schools will get plenty of time to purchase new white uniforms if they don’t have them. He says the rule won’t take effect until 2007-2008 for the varsity teams, and they’ll let the schools grandfather in jerseys handed down to the junior varsity, sophomore and freshmen teams.