President Bush is dismissing calls Iowa Senator Tom Harkin and other have made, demanding the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. During a White House news conference, Bush was asked about Harkin’s statement that Rumsfeld ought to “get the boot” for the inexcusable behavior of U.S. military guards in an Iraqi prison. Bush says Rumsfeld is a “really good Secretary of Defense” who’s served the nation well. Bush says Rumsfeld is an important part of his administration and will stay in his cabinet. Bush says the photos of prison abuses made him and others “sick to our stomachs.” Bush says the actions of the soldiers who were guards an in Iraqi prison are a “stain to our country’s honor” and the “wrongdoers” will be brought to justice. Harkin says it is now clear the policies, pronunciations and attitude of Rumsfeld have filtered down to the lowest ranks of the military, and Harkin says private contractors who’ve been called in as prison guards and interrogators are “Rambos.”.