Six Iowa counties have approved gambling referendums, and the race is on to convince the Racing and Gaming Commission to grant new riverboat licenses in Iowa. Jim Kersten of Fort Dodge is backing a new casino in Webster County, and he was on hand this morning when Governor Vilsack signed the gaming bill into law.Kersten says the six counties worked hard to get the bill approved, and now their attention turns to the Racing and Gaming Commission. Kersten says now Webster County will “put together a real good case” about how a casino in Fort Dodge could bring needed jobs, and yield more tax revenue for the state. Steve Heldt of Palo Alto County was on hand for the bill signing, too.Heldt says he and others are getting their proposal ready and believe their is a worthwhile project that “deserves a license.” Kim Miller — the executive director of the Worth County Development Authority — has been working to get a new gambling boat near Northwood and she’s optimistic. Miller says the next step is the commission and “we’ll see.” After Governor Vilsack signed the gambling bill into law, Miller asked the governor to sign the “Worth County” t-shirt she wore as she lobbied lawmakers this past year.