With Mother’s Day tomorrow, Iowans who think their mom is worth a million bucks aren’t far off. Mothers do a variety of chores around the house for which they earn no pay. Taking that into account, financial planner Rick Dahlman decided to figure out what it would cost to hire a mom. Dahlman says “We identified 17 different occupations that moms engaged in and then we went to the Bureau of Labor Statistics to say, okay, what do these occupations earn in the workplace? You add it all up and mom is worth over 700-thousand dollars in annual salary.” While she may be officially known just as “mom,” Dahlman says that title encompasses a wide range of occupations.A mom is the animal caretaker, chef, computer systems analyst, financial manger, food and beverage service worker, general clerk, registered nurse, management analyst, child care worker, housekeeper, psychologist, bus driver, principal, dietician/nutritionist, property manager, social worker and recreation worker. As far as the love and affection mothers provide, Dahlman says that’s priceless.