Governor Vilsack has proclaimed this a “day of celebration and recognition for educators” in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Iowa State Education Association. Members of the group are celebrating this afternoon in the place where it was founded — at the Muscatine County Courthouse in Muscatine. I-S-E-A president John Hieronymus is overseeing the events. Hieronymus says the group was first formed to promote the state’s educational interests, improving teachers and elevating the teaching profession. He says the goals today are still much the same — promoting a quality public education. The I-S-E-A was formed on this date, May 10th, 1854.Only ten people met and formed the group in the courthouse. The organization now has 32-thousand members statewide. Hieronymus says the association continues working to ensure Iowa is known for its quality public education. He says after this legislative session they’re very concerned that’s not going to continue. During ceremonies in Muscatine this afternoon, a plaque will be unveiled at the courthouse marking the 150th anniversary. Also, 150 balloons will be released, in his words, “to show how far education can take you.” All Muscatine educators and the public have been invited to attend. Events were to start at 3 P.M.