More pictures and videos are expected to be released soon showing U.S. troops abusing Iraqi prisoners. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley agrees with other lawmakers who have said it would be good to get all of the pictures out in the open at once, but he says that won’t end the public debate over the pictures — and the abuses — any sooner. It won’t be a case of “moving on” for a “long, long time” says Grassley, especially with all the hearings scheduled and trials of the people allegedly involved. Grassley says the outcry over the pictures detailing the mistreatment of Iraqis is going to continue for some time. Grassley says in our open society, there’s nothing you can do to prevent it. President Bush reportedly reacted to new prisoner abuse pictures with “deep disgust and disbelief.” The images haven’t been made public yet, but Bush saw them during a visit to the Pentagon on Monday.