Iowa’s already had a few 90-degree days this spring and safety experts are reminding parents and caregivers to take precautions to prevent kids from being killed in hot vehicles. Deborah Nowak-Vanderhoef, safety communications spokeswoman for General Motors Corporation, says there have been many Midwestern tragedies in recent years.Since 2000, Nowak-Vanderhoef says three Iowa children died when they were left inside vehicles, or by getting inside and becoming trapped. The fatal incidents took place in: Perry, Bondurant and Davenport. She says parents can leave themselves a little reminder so they won’t forget a little one is still strapped in the carseat. She says try putting a stuffed animal in an obvious location.She says put it by your briefcase, purse or lunch sack, as too often parents and caregivers forget there’s a sleeping infant in the back seat. Put the stuffed animal or diaper bag in the front seat, or someplace else where you’ll be sure to see it as a reminder there’s still someone inside the vehicle. Nowak-Vanderhoef says some people are shocked that a parent could make the deadly mistake and forget the kids, but it happens.She says it’s not that they care or love their children any less than anyone else, they’re just too busy and distracted. She says not to leave kids in cars alone even for a minute and kids shouldn’t be allowed to play around unlocked vehicles as they might climb in and not be able to get out. For more information, call 866-700-0001 or visit “”.