Republican Congressman Steve King says the crimes of the U.S. soldiers photographed abusing Iraqi prisoners are akin to the crimes of a Hollywood “madam” who once lined up prostitutes for big stars and media moguls.King says we’re in a worldwide war on terror, and the focus needs to be on the “barbarians that kill and dismember and butcher and burn.” King says “we’re being bogged down on an internal matter” and getting diverted from the real focus. King says the United States’ opponents in the war on terror are akin to Jeffrey Daumer, while the U.S. soldiers’ actions in the Iraqi prisons are more akin to Heidi Fleiss’ crimes. A few members of the House and Senate — but not King — privately viewed more photos and some video tape yesterday. Some lawmakers said the images were even more “disgusting” than already-published pictures, like the ones showing an attack dog advancing on a prisoner. King says he doesn’t know that there were any dogs attacking prisoners. King says he’s focusing on “the kind of real crimes that took place” — like the dismemberment of Americans. King says the media needs to quit harping on the prison scandal. King says democrats are “giving aid and comfort to our enemies” when they say the war in Iraq is unwinnable.