It may be the rising costs or a drop in popularity or some of both but as the Indianapolis 500 prepares for the opening weekend of qualifying there may not be enough cars to fill the 33 starting spots. The last time that happened was 57-years ago. Ralph Capitani, the veteran promoter at the Knoxville Raceway says while at one time sprint car fans identified with Indy car racing they are now more likely to follow NASCAR. He says the guys that’re running Indy, and the fans, are getting old.He says more sprint car drivers are getting involved in NASCAR than Indy, and he says they’re getting a chance. He says unless they bring a lot of money to Indy, then they don’t get a ride.The Indy 500 have trouble filling its starting grid but that is not translating to other forms of open wheel racing. Capitani says the fields at Knoxville remain full. He says they almost have too many cards, he says last week they had 80, and he prefers 60.As of Wednesday, only 28 driver/owner combinations have entered the 500.