A national survey of women’s health issues ranks Iowa 13th in the U.S. The study by the Washington D-C-based National Women’s Law Center focused on 27 benchmarks, from Medicaid eligibility for pregnant women to screening for diseases like breast cancer. Study co-author Liz Patchias says the Hawkeye State fared well in several categories. Patchias says Iowa did well in a number of areas, particularly under economic security, including child support collection rates, minimum wage issues and in gun control. She says Iowa stood out in one particular category. She says Iowa also did well under the category of contraceptive coverage, meaning, the state forces private health insurers to cover contraception as they do other prescription drugs. Iowa’s among a very few states to do so. The news wasn’t all good. Patchias says Iowa stands to improve in several areas.Iowa did “very poorly” in screening coverage mandates, which makes sure private health insurers cover various health screenings, including pap smears and mammograms. Iowa also did poorly in the tobacco category, with respect to tobacco sales to minor, insurance coverage for smoking cessation and in restrictions on secondhand smoke. Minnesota ranked number-one on the women’s health survey. Mississippi was last. For more information, surf to “www.nwlc.org”.