The military is looking for a few good computers so families at home can e-mail the troops on active duty. The project is sponsored by “Citizens in support of the Guard and Reserve.” Spokesman Lee Paradine says he’s already brought in 40 computers donated by the City of Waterloo, and hopes to get many more. He says he’s looking for roughly 500 units, anticipating that’s what he’ll need for the entire state. Iowa National Guard staff sergeant Sean Sejkora says they could also use some volunteer help to the families on-line.He says people that know their way around the inside of the computer would be great, as he says they could look the computers over and make sure they work. Sejkora says many troops are on active duty for the first time, and the computers and e-mail can make a big difference. He says it’s very important as soldiers need to stay in touch and if they can’t, their morale could suffer. He says e-mail is often more accessible than a telephone, and they can print out an e-mail and take it with them like a letter. If you’d like to donate a computer or your computer knowledge, call 319-404-7102 or e-mail Paradine at:[email protected].