A new website is up and running to guide you to the so-called “value-added” Iowa produced food products. The website was developed by the Iowa Agriculture Innovation Center, where Pat Paustian is the executive director.She says there are some different lists out there and they decided to combine them and expand them, and selected “ChooseIowa.com” as a name that would be easy to remember. Paustian says there’s a variety of Iowa products.She says it could be meat, fruit and vegetables, flowers, honey or salsa made from their tomatoes. She says the site will help you if you’re looking for one tomato, or a whole box. She says some of the people have enough product to supply restaurants, while others would have small amounts that people could purchase. She says there are a lot of benefits to choosing Iowa products.She says one of the main things is you’re buying the product from the people who grew it. And she says it helps the economy by keeping the money in Iowa.To purchase the products, or to find out how to list your products on the site, surf to www.ChoseIowa.com. Or call:515-281-7825.