The Iowa Farm Service Agency says time is running out for farmers to sign up for their “safety net” payments from the federal Government. Steve Phillips is a spokesman for the F-S-A. He says there are some direct payments, guaranteed payments based on acres and yield and there’s some “countercyclical” payments, which are paid if prices are below a certain level. Phillips says the payments aren’t new, but the way farmers sign up is. He says under the prior farm bill, there was a seven-year contract. Under the 2004 farm bill, farmers have to sign up every year. Phillips says you have just a couple of weeks left to sign up.He says 80 to 90-percent of the farmers have already signed up. He says the remaining 10-percent need to sign up by June 1st or they’ll have to pay a 100 dollar late filing feed. You can sign up at your county F-S-A office.